Objective, Thorough, and Empirically-Based Psychological Services

Forensic Evaluation

Psychological assessments to assist attorneys, legal decision-makers, and private entities with criminal and civil matters.

Clinical Assessment

Comprehensive psychological assessments of adults, adolescents, and children to aid with diagnosis and treatment.

Expert Testimony

Objective and scientifically-based testimony to help legal decision-makers during the adjudicative process.


Thorough and timely consultation to attorneys and private entities regarding the intersection between psychology and the law.

About Dr. Patterson

Dr. Patterson is a licensed psychologist who specializes in clinical and forensic assessment. A Pacific Northwest native, Dr. Patterson began his career as a provider for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Madigan Army Medical Center before transitioning into a full-time practice specializing in psychological assessment. He is an expert at the intersection of psychology and law, and has extensive experience providing assessment and consultation services to attorneys, legal decision-makers, government agencies, and private entities. Dr. Patterson is skilled at oral and written communication, and appreciates the commitment to objectivity, diligence, and scientific rigor required to provide psychological services in forensic settings.

dr patterson

Alexander L. Patterson, Psy.D.

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Curriculum Vitae